15 May 2018

Screening at the Cannes Short Film Corner

(Affiche officielle 2018 © Maquette : Flore Maquin - Photo : Pierrot le fou © Georges Pierre)

Our movie Les Choses en Face is in the Cannes for its screening at the Short Film Corner

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26 January 2018

The premiere of Les chose en face in France

première Les choses en face

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21 December 2017

Warmest Wishes

Best Wishes

Friends, companions in (mis)fortune, fellow travellers (inspired by "Julius Caesar" by W. Shakespeare)

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19 May 2017

The reader


Mission : make sure the audience holds its breath

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13 May 2017

The premiere of Les choses en face

Les choses en face

From our independent - don't trip over the contradiction in terms - film critic in the field (consequently felled by cava and dark poetry)

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17 April 2017

Encores for Le Repas des fauves

Le Repas des fauves

The question we're reluctant to ask ourselves, is how far our survival instinct will take us. Because we might not like where it leads.

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18 March 2017

Brussels Airport Aviation Awards

Brussels Airport Aviation Awards

We recently celebrated the Brussels Aviation Awards, where we strutted our creative stuff in corporate videos and on-the-spot animation.

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08 March 2017

La Confession

La Confession

In a small French town burdened by the weight of the German occupation, a subtle game of seduction, both on an intellectual and a sensual level, ...

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22 December 2016

The rubber duck and the robots

Black M - French Kiss

Sounds like a wacko fairy tale, doesn't it? Turning dreams into images we can all see, ain't easy, but fun. At the request of Caviar, Quilombo's art team, consisting of Elena as art director, Ethel as set dresser and Elif as costume designer, helped shape the new Black M music video.

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