On your own land, you reap what you sow

23 May 2016 | Category: topicality

Being self-employed is like being a farmer. There is always something that needs to be done on your land. An address list for a mailing. Getting a new project past the starting blocks. Placing an order… And of course there is a great temptation to blame external factors for things that are not working out, “the weather” if you are a famer or, if you are self-employed, “the economy.”

And it is tough going.

In my case, it was my own choice, and what I love most about it is the feeling of freedom I get from living from the fruits of my land.

There are crops (projects) that I care about more for the love of watching them grow than for their financial yields.

And that in turn brings me to one of the things Hugh McLeod talks about in his book “Ignore everybody” (see my blog post dated 30 January 2014 as well): the theory of sex (pleasure) and cash (money), and the balance between them. How you weigh them up for yourself, each day anew.

This applies to everyone. I can easily imagine that George Clooney, for example, to name someone I look up to and who we can assume must have a lot of freedom to choose, does certain films more for the ‘sex’, the pleasure of it, the challenge, the “educational value”, the artistic prestige (Good Night and Good Luck, Michael Clayton, Syriana, The American, The Ides of March etc.) than for hard cash.

On your own land, it’s your own choice: you reap what you sow. (LT)

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